Velocets 2014

We’re Velocets: Adam – lead vocals and bass, Elliott – guitar and backing vocals, and Thom – stickman.

Adam and Elliott have been best friends for years and have been writing music together for the majority of that time. Sharing pretty much the exact same music taste they work together really well and are good at getting the job done. Thom is a recent addition to the band after our previous drummer left at the end of last year. Part time DJ, full time noise maker for Velocets. As a whole they share the same goal that Adam and Elliott intended at the start… To make as much noise as possible and get people moving.

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Win a Pizza Margherita Voucher!

Anyone arriving at Glastonbrewery within the first hour (12pm-1pm) will be automatically entered into a prize draw. The raffle will be drawn in the afternoon and one lucky person will win themselves a £75 Pizza Margherita voucher!